We collect NY $.05 bottles and cans on an ongoing basis. If you would like to donate your bottles and cans, please contact us to arrange pick up or drop off.

Do you “Clynk?” If you have a Clynk recycling account, you can bag up your cans and bottles in your Clynk bag and deposit them at the kiosk at Hannaford Grocery stores. When it’s time to redeem your funds, you can select Donate to Dumped & Stray Animal Rescue.

If you don’t have a Clynk account, you can contact us and we will provide you with our bags and tags. Simply bag up your bottles and cans in our bag and take to your local Hannaford store, scan the tag and deposit the bag.

Do you have a student that is looking for a community service project or just wants to help? Consider having them organize a bottle and can collection at their school.


We collect new and used sneakers. We recycle them through “Got” New and gently used sneakers are passed along to those in need. Those sneakers that are no so gently used, are recycled into playground other athletic surfaces. The rescue gets paid by the pair, according to condition and brand. This is a great way to clean out your closet, keep the rubber out our landfills and help the rescue all at the same time. Got sneakers? Let us know and we will arrange for pick up or drop off. During the school year we have collection boxes at various schools within the community. Do you work at or have children in one of our local schools? Would you like to help collect sneakers? Let us know.