ERIK UPDATE! Do you remember this beautiful boy? Thanks to your generosity and support, Erik has been doing wonderful! Two months after his last emergency vet visit, Erik has been completely dry and relieved of his urinary incontinence. It was a long road, but we are hopeful that we have resolved his problems and he will now live a normal life. Thank you for your continued support of Dumped & Stray Animal Rescue and helping us get Erik to where he needed to be. We could not have done this without you!
HISTORY: Erik was just a kitten when he was rescued by Dumped Stray Animal Rescue back in October 2020. Erik was urinary incontinent and multiple rounds of antibiotics, expensive tests, and specialist appointments were inconclusive in identifying a cause, but we continued to look for an answer for this sweet boy. Over a year later, Erik is now doing remarkably well.
A chance event while in foster care proved to be a turning point. Erik ripped open a bag of potting soil and ate the dirt, landing him in emergency care for x-rays and catheterization to remove a urinary blockage, which can be fatal. The prognosis was not good and surgery was recommended at another specialist. Guardian Veterinary Specialists in Brewster found that urinary/bladder crystals were causing a blockage that likely had been there all along and could be causing his incontinence. Thankfully, his blockages were cleared and surgery was avoided, and a new antibiotic and a prescription diet was recommended to dissolve remaining crystals and prevent new ones. Erik was completely dry during the new course of antibiotics and prescription diet, and now, and six weeks after his last antibiotic dose, he’s still dry! With all of his treatments over the past 1+ year, this has never happened! We are hopeful that this is the answer we needed all along, and that the diet change will continue to keep him dry and clear of any future urinary issues.
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A new fundraiser

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