A new beginning for cat


The story of Simba. He was the Bully of Highland Ave in Middletown NY. The owner of the property told me he has been there for years. He would chase and fight all the males. He would only allow all the cats to eat after he was done. So when I finally got him in 2020 I promised the owners he would not return. There he is sitting on top of the coop and for a year and a half he remained the bully at Randall’s place. Everyone stayed away gave him his space, until recently. Simba is older and the young ones have now decided to put him in his place. I have noticed he wasn’t the leader or a bully but the old guy who wanted nothing but his food and his spot own personal area. When breakfast was served he didn’t run to the feeding station but sat back and waiting for the young ones to finish. Simba wanted no more fighting so we decided it was time for this old man to join in at misfit palace. So now Simba is now a misfit, rightly so he enjoys the new atmosphere. The girls are smitten by him. He seems to enjoy everything at the palace except when he needs meds.

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