Adding to sanctuary

It’s time to start phase 2 to the sanctuary. With very little info on how to start a feral sanctuary it’s been trial and error. We have 70 cats at feral sanctuary, the fenced in area has 50 and 10 in each 10×10 kennel. The work involved for the care of them let’s just say it’s never ending. For one thing colony caretakers never really worry about poop. 70 cats contained in a safe environment that is a continuous problem. I have come up with inventive ideas one the outside liter box digging a 4x4x3 area irrigation rocks and sand. It’s great in the summer but oh boy winter time not workable. Why you might ask well it freezes up and second the snow and ice. So next I got those large drainage pipes two large boxes in them and there you go outdoor covered potties. Now what to do with it when you clean you might ask, well we use pine bedding which is biodegradable so we made a compose area. In spring it will be covered with soil to allow to break down naturally. In summer we have the liter towed away. That is only one of the adventures to a feral sanctuary. Now I need to start a new area the fenced in area is at capacity so phase 2 is needed. There are many many more feral cats in Middletown that need a safe place to do so we will be starting a fundraiser. These cats need our communities help.

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